Imagistic Stories

Three stories in The Missing Woman were written as part of the Imagistic project.

The images that prompted those stories are below.






















The Sun Rises Over the Therain River by Tig Sutton.

From “Long Division”:


It feels like one long night, the days that have passed since we arrived at this house where we used to spend so much time it almost felt like ours, and this dawn, after which we will leave again. Luminescent she looked that first night in the pale glow from the window: my wife, fresh from our walk to watch the moon rise over the Thérain. Her idea of course. She was always full of ideas.

Lips by Harry Holland.


From “Lips”:


His lips on her mouth, her breast, her stomach, her neck, her fingers – still after all these years she could feel them, tasting, probing, could recall them as if he had kissed her yesterday, uttering words that she could no longer recollect but hear only the sound of, their timbre, their rhythm, the sensation they caused within her – a reconfiguration of who she was.



“Before Letting Go” was written in response to the installation “Dam,” by Janet Passehl.


From “Before Letting Go”:

My mother smiled as I took her picture, easy, affectionate, natural, as if she wasn’t posing. And then – Oh, you’ve taken it? I didn’t realize – and of course the rest were forced, revealing slightly odd smiles and a gaze reversing back on itself, the rest were photographs. The first was my mother, watching me.