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  The stories in The Missing Woman circle around women who are either literally missing – a mother in rehab, a daughter never born – or who are missing some metaphorical piece of themselves.

A father tries to convince his uncompromising, anorexic daughter to want to live, a single woman lures men to her bed only to abandon them, and a marriage is shaken by a search party for a woman who’s disappeared.

Burns asks questions about balance – safety with adventure, dreams with practicality, grief with joy – and challenges the reader to take a journey, make choices.

Off the Page Blog

C.K. Williams: The best poetry, when you’re reading it, you hear two voices simultaneously — the voice of the poet and your own voice.

Gish Jen: You can’t make a useful contribution by being didactic because the novel will be dead. But do I want my work to be culture shifting? The answer is yes.

Carole's blog features her latest reviews and interviews with these authors and others, including Anne Lamott, Anna Quindlen, Russell Banks, Sarah Dunant.

  Early Praise for
'The Missing Woman'

  • Poet Philip Gross
    These stories explore the complex harmonies within real imperfect relationships, revealing moments in a life when a carefully held balance shifts and, imperceptibly, that life is changed.

  • Novelist Joanna Scott
    Beautiful, memorable stories, artfully nuanced, boldly honest.

    Readings and Festivals

  • Cardiff Book Launch
    Join Carole April 1, 7:30, at the Cameo Club. Parthian Events
  • May 7 Reading
    Carole reads at 'First Thursday' at Chapter Arts Centre
  • June 19 - 20
    Reading and short story panel at Winchester Writers Festival
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